Reframe • Reflect • Respect

What is #ReframeReflectRespect?

There’s a lot of love and respect in this world, but it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

When we hear about issues like sexual violence and abuse, the conversation often focuses on outliers who commit crimes and cause pain. When the issues are framed this way, it’s easy to forget such acts are exceptions, not normal societal behavior.

Because the truth is, committing sexual violence is not the norm. The majority of people out there love and respect each other, and go out of their way to help others when they see signs of trouble.

We want to highlight and celebrate people like you and me by sharing the everyday ways we show love, respect, dignity, compassion, and consent within our relationships, families, and communities.

The goal of #ReframeReflectRespect is to reframe the conversation, reflect on our own relationship behaviors, and share with the world the ways we respect one another.

That’s Awesome! How Do I Get Involved?

Step 1: Select an image below to view our youth-created media where teens speak out in favor of love and respect and speak out against violence and abuse!

Step 2: Come up with your own answer to this question:

“What am I doing to make sure respect and consent are the norm?”

Step 3: Take a photo, put it in the #ReframeReflectRespect teal frame, and post it with your answer as the caption on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Make sure to add the hashtag #ReframeReflectRespect and your photo may be featured on our website! Download the frame here!