Youth Employment

filminginparkAfter realizing that many of our high-school aged program participants were leaving our programs to join the workforce, we recognized the need to add incentives to our programs. After all, if our students were spending time worrying about financial matters, how can they be fully engaged in the creative process?

In an effort to help our students fully benefit from our programs, we began implementing workforce development into our programs. In addition to receiving financial compensation, our students now learn work readiness skills such as time management, financial management and social media marketing. The participants of these programs are treated as employees of the organization, and are held to the same standards.

In this way, Spark is empowering youth by preparing them to enter the workforce, as well as offering them more opportunities to earn income, and expand upon their experience in paid media production.

To learn more about our Workforce Development Programs, Click the links below, or contact us for more information!

Summer Youth Employment Program
Media Magic •
After-School Stipend Program
Forge Media
Apprentice Production House for Advanced Students
FRAME Workshops •
Stipend Commercial Work 

Here are what some of our Youth Employment participants had to say about their experience:

“As a veteran student I’ve seen this program evolve, and now there are skills being taught that I would have never thought I would learn.”

– Tyler, Media Magic Spring 2014

“After this program, I can truly say that I am closer to becoming a filmmaker. This program has taught me the basics of making films and now my interest in the filmmaking process has practically doubled in size… and that’s an understatement! I know that what i have learned has pushed me closer to my dream job…”

– Ron, Media Magic Spring 2014