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Media Arts Education builds teamwork and critical thinking skills, and can be used to study and reinforce any content area or lesson plan. Spark Media Project works with educators who want to incorporate media into their learning flow through Professional Development and Teacher Trainings, where we give you the knowledge and know-how to introduce Media into the classroom. Here are some of the ways in which we accomplish that goal:

Teaching with Images: Graphic Storytelling, Photoshop, and How To Make The Most of Your School’s Computer Lab

Have you ever wanted your students to explore the possibilities of your school’s computer lab beyond typing up Word documents or making Excel sheets? In this workshop, teachers will learn to use programs in the computer lab so they can give their students exciting media production assignments that tie into their curricula. Teachers will learn the basics of Photoshop for graphic design and animation through a short hands-on exercise. Teachers will also gain tools for coaching students to “read” visual images as texts, as well as applicable curricular materials for implementing visual deconstruction in ELA, Social Sciences/History, History and Math. Finally, teachers will complete a mock-assignment (of the kind they’d assign to their students) using Photoshop for graphic design and animation to gain competency with the technology and the process their students will undertake.

Media and Multicultural Perspectives

Mainstream media, an essentially commercial enterprise, influences not only how we view the world, it also influences how we perceive ourselves. It plays a large role in defining our culture, shaping our beliefs, and forming identity. In this workshop teachers learn to critically analyze and interpret the media to understand and teach its impact on our identity development.

Using Film Arts to Teach Literacy Skills

By the end of this training, teachers will have the knowledge base and confidence to engage their students in film making activities that build literacy skills while addressing ELA standards. Teachers will acquire methods of integrating film arts into literacy curriculum, even if the technology itself is unavailable. Teachers will also undertake a storyboarding/video poem project, experiencing firsthand the engagement of multiple intelligences to reinforce literacy skills that they will eventually assign to their students

What Some Teachers Have to Say

“I am filled with enthusiasm for exploring many of the techniques and ideas which were presented. My interest in teaching literacy-based art lessons has been affirmed and encouraged. My new knowledge and skill have stimulated me to stretch my creative teaching beyond what I’m already doing. All these aspects enthusiasm, exploration, affirmation, encouragement, creative stimulation will be passed along to my students. I know this because I have seen it in their responses to my teaching. It’s the reason why I like to teach.”


LaGrange Middle School

“The reaction of all the course participants was overwhelmingly and unanimously glowing! I attribute this in large part to the professional and approachable way in which you designed and implemented the course. The sequence of activities was impeccable and was taught in a way that invited participation and supported hesitancy. You knew your material and your audience and effectively drew the teachers in to the wonders of film and how it can enhance their teaching and students’ learning. They totally ‘got it!’ You are all incredibly talented as both filmmakers and teachers!”

-Susan Lesser

Former AIE coordinator, Arlington Central School District

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