Thank you for supporting our 2016 Fall Appeal!

We’re all works in progress!

From the youngest youth producers in Spark’s 21st Century program, to the most advanced apprentice youth producers in our Forge Media Production House, our youth producers are always hard at work developing and fine-tuning their skills as they become the media makers of tomorrow. While their work is never finished, Spark has been a resource to them for more than 20 years. And we are committed to supporting local youth as they grow as producers, entrepreneurs, students, and citizens – so much so that we’ve had to grow right along with them! But we can’t keep growing without your help! Your donations ensure that the next generation of media makers in your community have the tools and training they need to keep growing, and that Spark can continue to support the works in progress in your community.

Spark alumni share their experiences: 

“I progressed as a leader… I feel that I played a big role in getting the pieces shot and finished.”
– Alex Haynes

“Sound recording is an important skill that I have learned over years… ”
– Jack Palmiotti

“It has become the most amazing experience and most fun that I have ever had in my entire life.”

 “I’m feeling amazing and so proud of myself…I realize this program gave me strength, hope, and stability.”

“I have new self-confidence I have never had before.”

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