Community Events

Reel Expressions Youth Film Festival Radio Uprising!DROP TV

10869608_10152551161057686_5804445855954419031_oSpark believes that a comprehensive Media Education isn’t complete without the final step – presenting your work to an audience! This is why we coordinate many opportunities throughout the year for our students to display their work to their families, other youth producers, artists and community members.

We believe the recognition received through exhibitions is essential to the development of our students as it builds confidence in their abilities, and reinforces the concept that Media is anything that conveys a message to an audience.

Aside from opportunities like Reel Expressions, DROP TV, and Radio Uprising!, Spark also coordinates Quarterly Showcases of student work from all of our programs. These screenings are free and open to the public, and take place at various locations around Poughkeepsie (including the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center, and the Community Room at Changepoint Church). If you’re interested in attending, hosting, or sponsoring one of theses screenings, follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter, or contact us for more info!

Phone: 845.485.4480