Past Interns and Volunteers

Summer 2015 Interns

IMG_6250Megan Dignan

Megan is a graphic design student at SUNY Oswego.  She grew up around the Poughkeepsie area, in Millbrook, NY and is excited to be working with Spark for the summer. Her enthusiasm and hardworking attitude are qualities she brings to any work environment. She is always looking for ways to gain hands-on experience to better her skills and is very interested in learning more about media, specifically filming and editing. She is looking forward to impacting the youth in her community through this internship with Spark Media Project!

IMG_1503-picsaySaliym Fitch

Saliym Fitch is from Mount Vernon, NY. He graduated from Roy C. Ketcham high school in 2010, and received his A.S degree in Communications and Media from Dutchess Community College. Now attend Virginia State University, he majors in Mass Communications. He has a passion for audio editing and mixing, and is in his 2nd year of training to be a Protools engineer. He is also part of the students activities board on campus.

IMG_1345Mike Lynch

Michael Lynch is a recent graduate of SUNY Purchase with a Bachelor’s degree in Playwriting/Screenwriting. He also has skills in video production and video editing, which he built on during his internship with Spark last summer. He enjoys writing, and watching and critiquing films. The reason he enjoys working with Spark is because of the people, both the people who work here and the people who are participating in our many programs. He feels that Spark is a place where opportunity is available to anyone willing to take advantage of it!


Maria Waslick

Maria came to Spark because she is interested in film and media production, enjoys working with young people, and would like to get to know the Poughkeepsie Community better. She’s great at working with young people and worked as a sitter and a camp counselor prior to her time at Spark. She also has also explored her passion for film and media, editing various school projects, pieces for VCTV (Vassar College Television), and hopes to further explore this passion through her work at Spark. She is excited to work at Spark because of our unique nature.

IMG_6019Matt Pommerencke

Matt is a student at SUNY New Paltz studying Digital Media Production. He is looking forward to a real life experience in the media production field. Spark Media is a perfect place to intern because he enjoys working with kids. He has worked as a teacher’s aide in the past as well as working at a rollerskating rink doing parties. He would love to walk away from his time here with a good solid experience in the field of media production.

IMG_6017Karlene Williams

Karlene Williams is an intern from Vassar College, attending on a full scholarship for military Veterans through the Posse Foundation. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, she moved with her family from Brooklyn to Poughkeepsie, NY in order to attend the prestigious school and to fulfill the promise she made to herself during the worst sand storm she had yet experienced while living in the Iraqi desert. She vowed to complete her undergraduate degree, and after several years of working as a Marketing Coordinator in the radio and beauty industries, Karlene was presented with the chance to complete her education at Vassar. Of the many things she’s learned from the ‘school of life’ so far, she believes the most important lesson is to “unabashedly embrace your past experiences and how they shape the ‘you’ that you have become.”

Clivia Wang

CliviaTo be politically correct, Clivia’s official Chinese name is Wang Zijun. She’s a sophomore at Vassar College, born and raised in Nanjing, an English major, and not a fervent lover of Poughkeepsie’s cold winters. With Chinese, English, and her crappy French, she hopes to travel as much as possible during her 20s, have as many babies as possible during her 30s (just to be rebellious to the Chinese government), and eat as many red bean mochis as possible during her 40s. She likes her friends. She can’t decide whether her favorite English first name is Virginia or Alexa. She’s also been very awkward with the part of her identity where she doesn’t like cheese, chocolate, or cupcakes too much. She thinks she likes reading but maybe she really doesn’t. She would love to be a mathematician and philosopher but she couldn’t. And she hates bad rhymes.


Tim Croner

Tim-2Tim is currently a senior at Vassar College, where he is a Media Studies major and hard at work on his thesis on TheBachelor and media literacy.  He is spending this semester interning with CMP with hopes of learning a little bit of everything: film and media production, the administrative aspects of running a nonprofit, and the benefits of introducing youth to media production and literacy.  Originally from outside of Philadelphia, PA, Tim spends his time away from his studies and CMP rehearsing musicals, baking oatmeal butterscotch cookies, and watching Netflix.  Following graduation, he hopes to move to New York City to pursue a career in theatrical casting and production.

Bethlehem Habte

BethlehemBethlehem Habte is a senior at Vassar College majoring in Film Studies with a correlate in Social and Political Philosophy. Her background inphilosophy underscores her views and perspectives surrounding film as a medium for interpreting and communicating ideas and stories. At school, she interns at the LGBTQ Center where she works on fostering and bridging communication between the center and the broader Vassar community. As a film major, she thoroughly enjoys film and television. Her favorite films include There Will be BloodBoogie Nights, and many of John Waters´s cult films.  wise, she loves Futurama, and like most people Breaking Bad. She has also dabbled in Video Art making. Her shorts include ¨Premillenial Dispensationalism¨and ¨Flesh or Fantasty,¨which can be viewed on youtube! In the past, Bethlehem has worked as an administrative assistant at the Los Angeles Women´s Theater Festival in North Hollywood, CA, handling day-to-day tasks. In addition, she´s worked as a lighting technician at Vassar’s Repertory Dance Theater, rigging lights, changing gels, and operating the spotlight.

Jayce Leathers

Image-1Jayce Leathers is currently a sophomore at Vassar College, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Studio Art and Creative Writing. Jayce is excited to learn more about the film and media production process from CMP.  He hopes to pursue magazine or video-game studio design. Apart from work and school, Jayce enjoys reading, listening to music, hiking, cooking, and graphic design.



Jessica Schepis

JessicaJessica is currently a senior at SUNY New Paltz, majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Human Services and minoring in Deaf Studies. A very open-minded individual, she loves engaging in unfamiliar tasks and trying new things. She has been interning at Children’s Media Project since early September and has already learned many new skills, including compiling data for grant reports and basic film editing and post-production work. “I had little knowledge of film production, but I’m absolutely fascinated by the process and love it!” Jessica is very passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of those around her, is very dedicated, and has a great work ethic, which, along with her bubbly personality, makes for a great addition to the CMP team.

Richard Hutnik

Rich-2.pngAn experienced programmer and information systems specialist with an M.S. degree in Information Systems, and a B.S. degree in Management, Richard Hutnik brings a wealth of technical and professional expertise to his work here at CMP. Additionally, he’s founded his own non-profit, and is  a published game designer with over 100 games to his name.